Business is 80% Sales (here’s why you need to become a sales-focused entrepreneur)

Sales will make or break your business. This is an unfortunate truth that many of us fight against, but the sooner you embrace being a sales-focused entrepreneur, the sooner you can make real headway. It’s not rocket-science – without sales, there’s no revenue and without revenue, there’s no business. There are plenty of examples of […]

Does everyone on your team have clear goals and KPI’s?

Are you frustrated that your business is not where you’d like it to be? Annoyed that your team members aren’t pulling their weight? Could it be because they they don’t understand what’s expected of them? I know you’re thinking; ‘that can’t be it’. It’s obvious and clear what your goals are. You might even have […]

Feel like you’re floundering and not making progress? Here’s why it’s not working

Running in all directions yet getting nowhere? Too many project needing your attention?  If it feels like you’re doing a million things and yet not making much progress, you’re most likely floundering in business. Yes, there’s so much to do, but trying to do it all isn’t working. It’s exhausting and ineffective. I recently met someone […]

How to Prioritize; synonyms, philosophies, tools and frameworks

Confused about how to prioritize work and tasks? You’re not the only one! The word “prioritize” itself is a strange one because it has two similar but different meanings. The first is to put things in an order. So in this sense, prioritize synonyms include; rank, order, list, and arrange. For example, in business we […]

Questions to ask before starting a business (you’ll regret skipping these!)

A lot of people I speak with are on the cusp of starting a new business. They’ve got an idea and they’re about to make the leap. I’ve started a few businesses now and have developed a list of questions to ask before starting a business that help you to know whether it’s really the […]

Selling by Numbers (reach your targets using this technique)

Selling by numbers is a great idea – especially for those of us that don’t love sales. But a formula approach – like the paint-by-numbers activities we used to do as children – is not exactly what we’re talking about. Instead, selling by numbers is a way of reverse-engineering your goals into the actions you […]

Customer Reward Programs – Examples & How To’s for SME’s

Customer Reward Programs are one of the most underrated tools in any marketer’s toolbox. Often businesses get so caught up in acquiring new customers, that we forget that it generally costs 5 – 25 times more to acquire a new customer, than it does to retain an existing customer. That’s an incredible number! Obviously customer […]

Overcoming Fear in Business (7 strategies that work)

Overcoming fear in business is one of the most underrated yet important skills to master in any entrepreneur’s journey. And before you ask, yes, this is a learnable skill, and yes, if you’re starting or growing a business, overcoming your fear is probably relevant to you. If you’re not doing the things you need to […]

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